Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Studded and Spiked Steppers

Don't be intimidated by their over-the-top appearance. Shoes completely embellished with studs or spikes do not have to be solely categorized as grandiose footwear. The currently trendy, heel-less shoes, covered entirely with studs or spikes should be paired with a garment that is classic yet trendy, such as a high-low dress, to soften their undeniable in-your-face impact. Accompanying stud-or spike-embellished heel-less shoes, with the femininity of a high-low dress, will gently tone down the toughness of these shoes while the high, front hemline of the dress will ensure the shoes receive the attention they deserve.
Celine Studded Spike Shoe, Amazon,, $69.99

Alternative garments to pair with studded or spiked heel-less shoes are a pair of shorts in a soft fabric such as silk or lace, an upscale T-shirt, tank or a romper-play-suit. The shoe will remain in the limelight, as it deserves, while being added as an accoutrement to classic wardrobe pieces. If the selected romper-play suit does not have a belt, add a belt to the waist to enhance an hourglass figure or to create a waistline if you have a slimmer figure.
Obi Suede Belt from Mango,, $15
Diamante-Embellished Neckline Play-suit, Topshop, $100

Stud- or spike-embellished shoes can be seamlessly paired with office attire if the studs are used more as trimming on the shoes or on a single part of the shoes. An a-line skirt, flattering to most types of figures, matched with a blouse can look superb with stud-embellished shoes. Refrain from pairing the shoes with a skirt and blouse that is overly-embellished. Keep either the skirt or blouse simple. Excessive embellishment on your garments along with the stud- or spike-embellished shoes can be overpowering. It is recommended that you save shoes entirely embellished with studs or spikes for non-business attire if you do not work in an industry that permits more trendy attire to be worn in the office.

Studded Hotpot Sandals, Asos,, $76.37

Jeffrey Campbell is a master of stud- and spike-embellished shoes. He continues to use his mastery of shoe craft to make more awe-inspiring shoes season after season. Jeffrey Campbell’s creations, unless on sale, may not, however, be budget-friendly. Several boutiques, such as Free People (, sometimes have affordable Jeffrey Campbell shoes in stock. Budget-friendly stud-embellished shoes, are available at the following boutiques. In addition, stud-embellished shoes at the following boutiques consists of both traditional and edgy shoe styles depending upon your preference:

1. Forever 21 (
2. Mango (
3. Zara (

Additional Outfit ideas for stud-embellished shoes:

  1. Paired with tuxedo pants and a white blouse or camisole, a stud-embellished shoe can add extra dash and edginess to your outfit.
  2.  Stud-embellished shoes paired with skinny jeans and a faux-leather peplum top is a glamorous combination.
    Levi's Boyfriend Jeans, Levi's., $88
  3. Isabel Lu Faux Leather Peplum Top, Ambience,, $88
  4. A graphic T-shirt, blazer or leather jacket paired with a skirt and stud-embellished shoes is always a chic wardrobe choice.

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