Thursday, June 27, 2013

Garden Party

Floral prints are popular because they instantly make any garment more interesting and versatile. Floral print blouses, for example, can readily be paired with a skirt or trousers that contain one or two colors reflected in the floral pattern of the top. This rule also holds true for other types of garments; however, while this is generally the classic match-up, don’t refrain from also mixing floral print garments with garments containing other patterns. A floral print garment can also be paired with stripes or color-blocked garments.
Consider the unexpectedness of matching a floral print skirt with a color-blocked blouse. This type of pairing will definitely result in a positively, memorable outfit. The key is to, again, select one or two main colors within the floral print to that are represented in the second article of clothing. A blue, yellow and white floral print skirt, for example if paired with a color-blocked blouse containing only blue and yellow would look simply divine.

vest in floral ombre print, $47.52

You can always remain with the more typical pairing of a floral print garment with another garment in a solid color if you prefer a more classic look. A floral print top with a pencil skirt is a more traditional way to incorporate the floral trend into your wardrobe. The top to the left can be dressed up or down and will add a pop of color to any outfit.

Adding a floral print pair of pumps into your wardrobe and/or a floral print bag is also an elegant way to add floral prints into your style repertoire.
Floral print jeans are currently a very popular trend. Make sure you consider your figure if you decide to add floral print denim to your wardrobe since the focal point of your outfit will be your lower body. Floral print jeans can enhance a boyish-type figure but detract from a pear-shaped figure. You can still wear floral print jeans if you are more pear-shaped but the key is in the top. Empire waist tops are the perfect companion to floral print jeans if you have a pear-shaped figure and you would prefer to balance out your look. The jeans below can be effortlessly paired with a sleeveless blouse or tee, wedge sandals and bangles to a barbecue or to an outdoor concert. 

Gap (, 1969 printed
legging skimmer jeans, $55.99 (sale price!)
Suggested pairings:
1. Pair a floral print dress with a pair of solid-color, stud-embellished pumps. The femininity of a floral print dress paired with the toughness of studded pumps is a fashion-forward look.
2. Pair a floral print dress with a leather jacket for a soft and edgy look when fall arrives. The dress below from ASTR is a perfect replica of what I am referencing. This style of floral print dress will match superbly with a leather jacket, tights and booties once autumn arrives. Pair this dress with gladiator sandals and a clutch bag during warm weather season.
ASTR sheer panel print dress,
Nordstrom, $76.00
3. If you decided to remain with a more classic look, which is typically the pairing of a floral print dress or skirt with a cardigan, add interest to the outfit by selecting a cardigan in a less traditional style such as a hi-low cardigan or a cardigan with embellishments such as sequins.
4. Pair a floral print blouse with a striped skirt for an unexpectedly chic look. The rule of thumb is to make sure the striped skirt contains a maximum of two colors represented in the top. In addition, thin vertical stripes are best if you decide to try this idea. You will be positively amazed at how elegant this pairing can be. A beautiful example of this is Anthropologie’s vertical-striped garden pencil skirt below:
Anthropologie (,
vertical-striped garden pencil skirt, $88

Recommended shopping destinations for floral print garments:

Budget-friendly online boutiques:

  1. Topshop
  2. Nasty Gal
  3. ASOS

High-end boutiques:
  1. Shopbop
  2. Anthropologie

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