Friday, January 3, 2014

Wicked Emerald Redux

Radiant orchid is the color of 2014, having received the baton from Pantone; however, emerald will continue to dominate during the fall and winter season of 2014. I appreciate the responses I received after my Wicked Emerald post. Many of you have favorite emerald pieces in your wardrobe or either have or will be decorating your home with this beautiful color. I decided to compile, for those of us whom love this dynamic green shade, a collage of some of my favorite past and present emerald pieces.This green shade reigns supreme as it continues to be championed by fashion icons such as Kate Middleton to designers such as Oscar de la Renta. I have also compiled a list of myths and facts about emerald. I hope you enjoy the collage and the list. I look forward to your feedback.

Several historical figures are associated with the color or the gemstone. Please view a list of myths and facts associated with emerald.

Emerald Green Myths and Facts
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I wish you a fabulous new year!

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  1. I love emerald pieces!!

  2. Very interesting! Great post, Sharon!
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    Oriana xxx

  3. How interesting...such cool've expanded my brain!