Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Green Scene

Green finally has its time in the spotlight. Designers are once again in love with this earthy, bold and, at times, quirky color. The Spring runway shows were awash in green apparel and accessories. Many refrain from purchasing green apparel because they are uncertain about how they can incorporate such a polarizing color into their wardrobe. There is no need to be timid when determining how you can shine in green. Green has a strong presence when paired with neutral colors such as beige and gray yet sparkles when matched with shades of blue and swatches of pink.

Many dismiss green as a color that does not play well with other colors but this is truly a fable not deserving of such a beautiful shade. Designers have periodically been drawn to the boldness of emerald green and kelly green because of the vibrancy of both shades; however, the masses have rarely embraced this color outside of St. Patrick's Day. I so look forward to seeing more of this color in the apparel worn by fashion divas.

If I still have not persuaded you, try incorporating green in a subtle manner into your wardrobe. Mint green will be super popular this Spring. It is less vivid than emerald or kelly green but is the perfect shade for light spring and summar apparel when paired with equal sorbet colors such as pale peach and pink.

Recommendations: Next time you purchase a neutral-colored suit add a pair green pumps or platforms. Have a pastel pink suit? Add a bold green bag. A white blouse, blue trousers and green accessories equal an outfit that is very chic.The compliments will flow effortlessly all day!

A few of my favorites:

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