Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Wax Factor: Jeans

The recent proliferation of waxed jeans has made it chic to be seen wearing shiny pants. Wax-coated jeans rose in popularity during 2007 but five years later they are even more trendy than they were before. During St. Louis Fashion Week, in October, I was thrilled to see that both mass merchandise boutiques such as, The Limited and Express, and high-end denim boutiques such as Lucky Brand have embraced this trend. Wearing bronze, silver or gold-coated denim is definitely not for the faint of heart but I, for one, love the wow factor.

Wax-coated denim pairs well with a variety of tops: basic t-shirts, blazers and sweaters. The key is to tone down the rest of the pieces you wear. Waxed denim has such a "look at me" presence that it is almost an insult to overdo the rest of your outfit. Doing so can make your outfit appear as "over the top." Below are tips on what works best with waxed jeans along with recommendations on what not to pair with them:

  • A white or black burn-out t-shirt paired with waxed jeans is a casual-classic ensemble.
  • The combination of a tuxedo blazer and either a simple camisole or a white oxford shirt paired with waxed jeans equal a chic evening outfit.
  • An over-sized cowl-neck sweater and a pair of skinny waxed jeans is an elegant pairing for a girls' night out.
  • You can't go wrong with red. Red is glorious with wax-coated gold, silver, bronze or black denim.
  • Invest in a pair of black-waxed jeans. A well made pair of black-waxed jeans can look similar to leather.
  • Pair waxed jeans with metallic tops in the same or similar tones. A gold-top with gold-coated jeans is a fashion foul-out. The same is true for silver, bronze and so on. 
  • Wear over-embellished tops and blazers with waxed jeans i.e. Just say no to the pairing of a brocade print blazer with waxed denim.

My rule: Don't let the outfit over-stage you.

Below are wax-coated jeans I loved at first sight:

Lucky Brand's Rose Gold Coated Jeans; $129; Hurry to take 25% off!

The Limited's Black Glazed Jeans; On Sale for $47.94

Express' Stella Silver Coated Jeans; On sale for $49.90

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