Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Top Half

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I am not a fan of crop tops but I have come to appreciate their appeal. I know that seems like a misnomer but I truly understand the attraction. Maybe I have just been worn down by the constant stream of crop tops I see in fashion magazines, on the sites of online boutiques and worn by hipster celebrities such as Rihanna. I have been defeated by the crop top mentality that currently exists and that’s alright with me. I have come to appreciate that they can look totally glam if paired with the right pieces and, of course, worn at the appropriate venue. I have a few regrets about statements I made about crop tops in the past which consisted of the reason anyone would willingly bare their midriff outside of the pool, beach or gym. I have now come to realize that my initial dislike for crop tops was based on the thought of how vulnerable I would feel if I bared my midriff in public. I have come to understand that just because I am weary of exposing that particular body part in public, I don’t have to make my level of discomfort with the crop top prevent me from celebrating it for what it is: An example of feminine liberation. It represents to me the freedom we now have as women to wear what we choose without the restrictions that women who came before us had to endure.

I originally believed crop tops were a fad that would disappear just as quickly as they rose to popularity. I perceived crop tops as a 1980s retread that would quickly fade away in popularity as new fashion trends came on the horizon. Imagine my disappointment when I was proven wrong. Perhaps, that disappointment is another reason I was so resistant to the endurance of crop tops. I believe crop tops continue to remain culturally relevant because there is a fondness associated with them that evolved from their 1980s debut. The lead character in 1983’s Flashdance, Alexander Owens, danced her heart out in her leotard and tights but crop tops were frequently her garment of choice. Madonna also routinely rocked her crop tops during the same time frame. Check out or revisit a few of her 1980s music videos or concert footage.


  • Pair crop tops with high-waist pants and skirts to highlight your figure at its best. An added benefit is that your legs will appear to be longer. This is particularly important if you are petite.

  •   A crop top is a great layering piece. If you don’t want to bare your midriff but you enjoy the look of crop-tops try layering your crop top over a tank or t-shirt in a contrasting, yet complementary, color or print. Try pairing a solid-colored crop-top over a sequined tank for example or over an animal or polka dot print tank or-shirt.

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