Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Collar-ful Shirt

Iconic Actress Rita Hayworth in Gilda, 1946

Once women began wearing oxford shirts with collars in the 1940s there was no turning back; especially, once film stars such as the great Bette Davis and Rita Hayworth, began wearing them in such earnest. I believe shirts with collars remain just as popular today because of the fantastic way they are able to pair so effortlessly with most other garments. Fashion designers have taken the oxford shirt to the next level by covering the collar with all types of bling.

Shirts with collars embellished with sequins, studs, crystals and an abundance of other fabulous baubles are everywhere these days. It is effortless to incorporate shirts with embellished collars into your existing wardrobe. This type of shirt can be worn to the office and to any after-work event which makes it so versatile. An embellished-collar shirt worn with a classic-style gray, navy or black blazer and straight-leg trousers can add pizzazz to a routine outfit. This type of shirt adds an element of elegance to an outfit that would otherwise be considered humdrum. This makes it a superb article of clothing to pair with a simple crew-neck or v-neck sweater and trousers or a skirt. An embellished-collar shirt is also the perfect fit for days where you struggle to find the right outfit for work because you hit the snooze button on your alarm too many times. You don't even have to search for a necklace or earrings to wear with your outfit. This type of shirt is a statement piece.

Often wearing articles of clothing that represent more than one trend is considered a fashion don't; however, the marriage of peter-pan and embellished collars is a match made in heaven. Shirts with peter-pan collars consistently have a consistent level of recycled popularity in the fashion industry; however, embellished-collar shirts have never been more popular then they are now. Designers have cleverly combined the two collar styles to create a fashion gold mine. A shirt with a peter-pan collar suddenly becomes more visually interesting when it is embellished with lace, gems, studs or sequins.


  • Limit the addition of jewelry to your outfit. Earrings can be complimentary, depending upon the style, but a necklace is overkill.
  •  Pair the shirt with a sweater, cardigan or jacket to get the most use out of this investment piece.

Interested In Doing It Yourself? Please reference the sources below for do it yourself tips:

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What do you think about embellished-collar shirts? Comments are always welcome.

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