Wednesday, October 30, 2013

T Time

Modal-Cotton Blend T, Mango


T-shirts have a lot to say these days. A t-shirt can broadcast much about your personality or your mood with just one or two words. It is much easier and less expensive, whether you want to be a queen for the day or a princess, to announce your entitlement to the world than it is to dress the part. If you can not marry into royalty like Kate Middleton at least you can pretend. Royal titles seem to have obliterated the competition for the most common title listed on Ts. Not a royal pretender? Perhaps, you want to magnify the fashionista aspect of your personality. T-s imprinted with the word, glamorous, chic or trend-setter may be more your style. There is no shame in being a shopping fiend; particularly, if you are a great bargain hunter. I think I just came up with another t-shirt catchphrase. Bargain hunter it is.

Maybe your preference is for a picturesque view on top rather than a statement-making top. Life’s not a beach, as stated on many t-shirts, but you can advertise your love of beaches on your top. Sunrise, sunset, cliff top, hillside and other beautifully tranquil landscape views are among the many beautiful images commonly imprinted on t’s. Landscape t-shirts not only represent the beauty of nature they often can announce to those in your orbit your love for a favorite vacation spot and cause individuals to discuss that particular locale with you. This phenomenon is similar to the reaction that occurs when a t-shirt emblazoned with a favorite sports team is worn. Suddenly, you become friendly with individuals you’ve never met before all because of a t-shirt.

A t-shirt with the name of or picture of a solo musician or music group on it can also be an icebreaker if you are initially shy or quiet when meeting new people. Let your t-shirt do the talking. Music is always a dependable topic of conversation. Wearing a t-shirt with a musician or band on it will definitely spark conversation when mingling with those new to your social circle. This is especially, accurate if people are not acquainted with the musician or group. It is more than likely they will ask you to tell them about the artist or band. A t-shirt containing a picture of a legendary rock band will also ignite conversation.

Jeans are consistently paired with t-shirts containing typography or graphic print images; however, t-shirts can effortlessly be matched with many other garments to create a chic casual outfit. Before reaching for a pair of jeans in your closet try reaching for one of the garments listed below to create a spectacular casual outfit:

  •  A print t-shirt, maxi-skirt and ankle boots is a superb fashion trio.
  •  Create a glamorous look with a print t-shirt, leather pants and faux-fur vest.
  •  Mix a print t-shirt with a pencil skirt and booties or oxfords for a vibrant ensemble.
  •  Pair a print t-shirt with a short-hemline skirt, a moto jacket, tights and over the knee boots to create a trendy look.
 Favorite T-shirt Retailers:

Nastygal has an excellent vintage t-shirt section. The prices are in the $100 range for the music icon t-shirts and tanks but the quality of the t-shirts is exceptional.
Mango's typography t-shirts are ultra-glamorous and very affordable. Several of the t-shirts are priced at $20.
Topshop is another great source for budget-friendly t-shirts.
Threadless is a site I became acquainted with as a result of my perusal of the blog, Pop Culture Tees. Threadless has a terrific inventory of graphic print t-shirts, many of which are priced at $20.

Bruce Springsteen USA T-shirt, Nastygal
Billy Joel Concert Tee, Nastygal

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