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The recent proliferation of waxed denim has made it chic to be seen wearing shiny pants. Wax-coated jeans, which began a meteoric rise in popularity several years ago, are still on the trend radar this fall and have been broadly embraced by mass merchandise retailers as well as luxury designer boutiques .Wearing bronze, silver or gold-coated denim is definitely not for the faint of heart but I, for one, love the wow factor. Make your waxed jeans the sole signature piece within your outfit by pairing them with garments in soft or matte shades. Denim designers have wisely partnered with masters of dye techniques to create wax-coated denim that has a luxurious appearance. The result of this collaboration is, depending upon the denim line, a budget-friendly alternative to leather pants. They certainly equal the look of a well made pair of faux-leather pants. I, particularly, love the look of a pair of wax-coated snakeskin print jeans. There is a natural hip vibe the wearer of wax-coated animal print jeans radiates.

Snakeskin, floral and brocade print jeans in a variety of rinses are also quite popular this season. The richness of the patterns allow for relatively effortless pairing with many other fall wardrobe pieces. Create a glam slam look by selecting a cut-out blazer in a color that is complementary to the colors represented in the print of the jeans. A neutral-colored cut-out blazer will also serve a similar purpose. Pair your print jeans with a draped top if your preference is for a traditional look. You can also push the envelope by pairing your print jeans with a laser cut top. My answer if you want to create a triple threat effect? Hit it out of the park with layers. Choose two shades from the color spectrum reflected in the print of the jeans, select a sweater and a shirt that match and, voila, you have a statement-making outfit.


•A white or black burn-out t-shirt paired with waxed or print jeans is a classic chic ensemble.
•The combination of a tuxedo blazer and either a simple camisole or a white oxford shirt paired with waxed jeans equals a chic evening outfit.
•An over-sized cowl-neck sweater and a pair of waxed or print jeans is an elegant pairing for a girls' night out.
•Pair your wax-coated jeans with a long-sleeved lace top for date night.
•Match your jeans with a graphic t-shirt, a leather jacket, top-handle bag and designer sunglasses to create a glamorous look.

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  1. •The combination of a tuxedo blazer paired with waxed jeans jeans with a long-sleeved , top-handle bag and designer sunglasses

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