Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cut It Out

ABSYNTH Stiletto Cut-Out Bootie, Topshop,, $156.00
Lace-Up Waist Shirt, Web Exclusive, Forever 21,, $19.80

There surely must have been a pile of geometric shaped fabric on the floors of design houses the world over when cut-out clothing was propelled into the fashion world. Garments and shoes that look like children decided to take a pair of scissors to them are both visually intriguing and fashionably daring. I admit I was completely taken aback upon first spotting the trend. I asked myself, “Who would buy a garment that appeared as if it had been partially destroyed shortly after being placed on the rack?” Initially, the cut-out trend was restricted to one-piece bathing suits in the swimwear industry. Now, cut-out garments have infiltrated other fashion niches, such as womenswear. Cut-out pieces have just exploded into the fashion sphere. It is now quite common for a single garment to have more than two or three cut-outs. Talk about taking the cold-shoulder top to a whole new level!

Trendy boutiques, such as Nastygal, Topshop and Forever 21 routinely feature cut-out clothing. I know what you’re thinking. It may be getting chillier where you are but grab some extra garments and layer, layer, layer! Find the correct pieces to layer under your cut-out shirt or sweater and soldier on! Graphic print pieces are perfect for layering under cut-out garments. You can also add an extra level of intrigue to an outfit featuring a cut-out garment by pairing the garment with a piece in a different texture. A lace top layered beneath a cut-out sweater will give your outfit an extra amount of zest. You can also pair a cut-out shirt in a neutral or monochromatic shade with a bold-colored tank or camisole for a glamorous look.

Never Look Back Knit Sweater, Nasty Gal., $68.00

Someone definitely let the genie out of the bottle when they decided that cut-outs would be accepted and celebrated as chic amongst fashionistas who set the bar for style. Have you perused a fashion magazine lately? A large fraction of footwear prominently featured in articles and advertisements consist of multiple cut-outs. Have you browsed the shoe section of department stores or online boutiques lately? It may be getting chillier outside for those of us that live in areas where the temperature dips during the fall; however, the shoes and boots featured in the shoe section supports an illusion that it is still warm across most of the globe. I think the question has been answered about why tights suddenly become a girl’s best friend during fall and winter.

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