Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pink Reign

Pastel pink has the type of aura that makes it the equal of stronger shades. Pale pink garments pack quite a wallop when paired in an outfit with clothing in bolder shades; yet, light pink garments, despite being combined in an outfit with garments in bolder shades, never shrinks in their presence. Pink is often associated with innocence and tranquility, which certainly don’t conjure to mind strength and boldness, but it somehow rises above the notion that it is strictly the paler version of red. Now, more than ever, I am an ardent admirer of this pale hue. Named after flowers, dubbed in the 17th century as pinks, this color is no shrinking violet.

Why do I, like so many other women, love this color so much? The color is very commonly matched with both jewel-toned as well as other pastel hues to great effect. It creates a wondrous love connection with colors such as green, purple, blue and orange. It is a wild card when matched with red, has a wicked appeal when paired with black and creates a lush vibe when paired with grey. It quietly commands attention.

Fashion designers love saturating it on their garments and fashion luminaries admire it so much that they have knighted it as the new neutral. If a color could be called the pretty shade, pink is it. Have you ever noticed how much attention you receive when carrying a pastel pink IT bag on your arm? Or when you wear a pastel pink jacket? Let the compliments commence!

Pastel pink has also encroached upon cold weather season which is gloriously unexpected. There were so many pink coats at the 2013 Fall Fashion Week runway shows that it almost seemed as if the fashion designers had a secret meeting to launch an all out pink attack. Their efforts have created a veritable pink sensation. It was an unspoken rule that pastel garments were to be away for fall and winter until such time as a hint of spring returned to the horizon. This fashion etiquette is not quite passé. The key to keeping pink alive during cool weather months is layering and texture. Why not pair a pink tank or shell with a black leather-trimmed blazer this fall? Try matching a pink blazer with black denim leggings and booties. You won’t be sorry.

A fraction of the male species continues to shy away from pink but gentlemen don’t be shy. Pink has become more commonplace in menswear as I am sure you are aware from browsing the shirts section in department stores or online. In addition, pastel accessories, like ties and pocket squares make blue and grey suits shine.

I am thrilled that pink clothing is IN year round rather than OUT, aren’t you?

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