Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Mod Duo

Black and white are strong shades that everyone has an opinion about. Consider the number of occasions that you have been asked which of the two shades you prefer. There is no need, if you like both shades equally, to choose between the two this fall. The two shades are paired together on single garments or in ensembles as if one can not exist without the other. The epic mixture of both shades consistently results in a graphic visual that reins supremely above and beyond any other color combinations. The two shades, as a consequence, are regularly viewed as the epitome of class and glamour. A multitude of black and white patterns and prints reign this fall in designer wear. Black and white prints and patterns are historically enduring because of the impressive impact of the two shades. The pairing computations for the two shades are endless as demonstrated by the following prints and patterns: houndstooth, ethnic, floral, striped and graphic-mod

The black and white graphic, mod print made a grand cultural entrance in Great Britain in the 1ate 1950s and was widely embraced by the young population for the next decade. This print subsequently exploded rather quickly into the global fashion scene. Each time this graphic print returned it was modernized based on the current culture. In the 1960s, Read more at ...

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