Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall for Navy

Navy has once again been deemed by the fashion elite as a popular color for fall. This timeless color regularly returns in all of its richness, every season, because it somehow manages to combine with bright colors and mono-chromatic shades for an elegant effect that transcends time.

Navy is a popular color choice for garments, selected by individuals, for occasions when an understated appearance is much more acceptable than attention-seeking attire. Consider how commonly worn the color, navy, is in our culture. It is perceived as having the impact of a neutral shade, thought of as a safe color choice and rarely mentioned as a favorite color; however, it remains historically relevant and fashionably reliable. Less beloved as cobalt, azure, teal, indigo, turquoise or shades in the same color family, navy is nevertheless, the color of multiple garments in the closets of fashion-lovers and the closets of individuals whom are fess less interested in fashion.

It is certainly a necessitous and significant color in societies. The color has been widely adopted by groups through their collective attire. The dark color acquired its cultural significance as a result of military leaders whom were so drawn to the color, as early as the 18th century that they wished to have the uniforms worn by those in the low and the elite ranks of their units to be comprised of navy. Military leaders ultimately decided to change the uniform colors to black due to the difficulty in obtaining the dye to replicate the exact shade they were seeking; however, despite that decision, navy consistently remains a predominant color in multi-color athletic uniforms Read more at

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