Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fashion Flair: St. Charles Fashion Week Review

The second day of St. Charles Fashion Week, on 8/23/12, was thrilling due to the unique designs presented by  the Lindenwood School of Fashion Design. Each outfit worn by the models selected to wear the garb of the Lindenwood designers was a combination of classic and edgy. It can be difficult to marry both classic and edgy in an outfit but this group was quite successful. The first outfit was enthralling due to the pairing of an a-line cream skirt with floral print and a sheer black blouse with black vertical panels on the bodice It is rare to see two such garments on the opposite end of the style spectrum merged. It worked to great effect. Another garment seen on the runway was the perfect marriage of vintage and avant-garde. The white dress, with large pink polka-dots on the a-line skirt, is reminiscent of the type of dress young women in the 1950s wore to a homecoming dance; however, the pink streamers attached to the underskirt and the cap sleeves made the dress completely fetching. The streamers and the tiny peek-a-boo cutouts at the top of the sleeves make this dress ultra-modern. I expect that many young women would love to wear this fun dress. An outfit I truly adored consisted of a plaid bodice and bubble skirt. The cognac leather patches at the bottom of the bust line, the waistline and the draping technique displayed in the skirt elevated this outfit to that which a celebrity such as Gwen Stefani or Rihanna would wear.

Yan by Hannah Cusack also overwhelmed me with the charming garments modeled on the runway. One dress, in particular, was simply innovative. The beige bodice consisted of a sleeveless crew neck shell that contained brown lacing similar to that seen on the tunics some Native-American men wore in "the Old West' while the tiny skirt consisted of beautiful feathers in earth tones. This garment was really beguiling. The headpieces worn by many of the models on the runway in Yan by Hannah Cusack garb was simply stellar. One headpiece in an aqua-blue color had the look of a long Mohawk. This headpiece paired with romper in the same color really gave the entire outfit a charm of its own. Another model, whom wore a long sea-green graphic print dress really made an exciting entrance due to a headdress reminiscent of that worn by the Statue of Liberty. The headdresses enhanced the outfits instead of detracting from them. This could have been difficult to pull off but thanks to the talent of the headdress designer it seemed effortless. It would be remiss of me not to reference the two black feather skirts seen on a couple of the models on the runway. The feather skirts were absolutely beautiful. The designer skillfully paired the feather skirts with sheer black sleeveless blouses to balance the formality of the feather skirt (

Deerra Nickkol by Deerra Williams designs were absolutely endearing as the result of the pairing of basic silhouettes such as a sheath with bold trims.A show-stopper for me was the weaving on the bodice of a long black sleeveless sheath. A simple sheath was made extra-ordinary because of the ingeniousness of the weaving on the front of the dress (

I was really appreciative of the imaginative designs and awed by the hard work that went into making such enthralling garments as those on the runway last Thursday evening.

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