Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Top This: Sequins!

Sequins became fashionable during recent centuries primarily due to their association with festive events; however, their popularity began with royalty whom wanted a unique adornment for their garments. They are certainly a more affordable garment-embellishment to fashionistas today than the coin-sequins worn by royalty.

Sequin tops have successfully transitioned from eveningwear to day wear in such a bold manner that I confess I am a serious fan of this trend. I simply can not resist the whimsical flair that a sequin top can add to basic separates from skirt to trousers to suits.  Reach for a sequin top if you want to ramp up a day look. A feeling of fun and confidence wearing a sequin top brings will naturally overtake any other feelings you encounter throughout the day. I confess I often reach for a sequin top in a neutral color if I am having a morning where nothing I put on seems to work. Sequin tops in neutral colors are a recommended wardrobe staple for this reason. They match well with so many other garments in a broad range of colors.

It is amazing how readily sequin tops can make a conservative outfit such as a cardigan and skirt or a blazer and trousers look more chic. A sequin shell or camisole peeking from a belted cardigan is elegant and entrancing when worn with a skirt. Pair a sequin top with a suit for a chic daytime look. You will receive plenty of compliments throughout the day if you remember this rule of thumb:

  • Silver-sequined tops in cool colors such as silver and pale blue pair well with gray and navy.
  • Gold-sequined tops match favorably with warm or jewel-tone colors.
  • Sequined tops in nude or neutral colors have the most flexibility when mixing and matching.
The tops below are charming standouts because they can be layered under sweaters or blazers during the autumn and winter and take center-stage as spring arrives.

natural peplum top, $21.99,
Charlotte Russe (

My favorite boutiques for sequin tops at budget-friendly prices are listed below:

Recommendation: Keep the rest of your outfit simple when wearing sequins during the day. Remember, "Too much of a good thing... The idea is to add flair to the rest of your outfit not to overwhelm with your look.

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