Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color-Block Shoe Mania

Several shoe designers are fashion-forward visionaries capable of transforming a pump or platform into a statement-making wardrobe piece by using what would seem to be incompatible colors to enhance the shoes in their collections. Their creations are easily recognizable due to their incorporation of color pairings that at first would seem to be outside the mainstream.

A favorite shoe designer of mine, Poetic License (, is the epitome of a fashion leader that understands color-blocking has the ability to transform a classic shoe style such as a pump into a vamp it-up statement piece by pairing two or more bright colors. Their shoe collections manifest how intriguing the pairing of unexpected colors can be. The pairing of multiple bright colors on clothing or accessories was generally not the norm until a few seasons ago. Now it is the latest and greatest fashion trend. Because of fashion leaders such as Poetic License the fashion rule about wearing only one or two bright colors at a time has been discarded, at least for the present.

The first time I saw Poetic License shoes I could not decide initially if I liked the shoes or if they were truly just bazaar. The more I pondered the more I decided that this line truly understands the need to make fashion fun for a woman. Poetic License may have been one of the first shoe designers to use color in such a way, but based on my outings at multiple shoe stores and online boutiques many designers have joined them. I could not resist the pair below. A basic low-heeled pump combined with two vibrant colors and a bow made this pair, from shoe designer Bamboo, too entrancing for me to leave at the store; particularly at $16.99.

I am also currently fascinated with the wedges below from Asos.

River Island platform wedges, $82.85,

Designers who incorporate bright color pairings into their collections deserve accolades for daring to transform the ordinary bag or shoe into the extraordinary by challenging consumers to dare to pair and wear wardrobe items in nontraditional colors. Why not reach for that red, pink and blue bag the next time you go out instead of that black or brown handbag? You will likely receive so many compliments you won't be able to count them all.

Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple. Color-block handbags and shoes are best matched with a monochromatic or neutral-colored outfit. Color-blocking can quickly go wrong if you wear too many other colors.  Color-block handbags and shoes are intended to highlight an outfit not subtract from it.

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