Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Foot Prints

I have a love affair with animal print footwear that endures from season to season. Each time I first glance at animal print pumps or platforms or booties my imagination always soars with endless ideas of what I will wear with my soon-to-be newest purchase.

I routinely select other types of shoes based on the footwear that best complements my favorite go-to wardrobe items. I also, like most women, take into consideration the fit and comfort-level of the shoes during my walk around the shoe department; however, it is somehow different when I glance at a pair of animal print shoes. Instead of focusing on how the shoes will match with my current wardrobe pieces I begin to imagine how much better my wardrobe items will look with my newest footwear obsessions on my feet. I believe that more than any other is the reason so many women gravitate towards animal print shoes so often.

Animal print footwear somehow magnifies a simple outfit and gives an outfit that is striking on its own an added touch of glamour. After so many years of my obsession with animal print footwear I have also learned that no matter the predominant colors of clothing in your wardrobe brown, tan and black animal prints complement a limitless number of other colors. That is really the reason I get so hypnotized by animal print footwear. I know it does not matter if I am instinctively drawn to animal print footwear because it is effortless to find numerous existing wardrobe items to match with my latest purchase. 

Buying the shoes first then deciding what to wear with them later is more than satisfactory when it comes to animal print shoes.

An endless number of eye-catching and budget-friendly animal print footwear is available this season at several boutiques if you are enticed to jump on this bandwagon. I was entranced by the following at first glance:

  • Valentine faux snakeskin toe-capped ballet flats ($24 at Topshop -
  • Riley leopard print wedge heels ($48 at Nastygal
  • Havaianas slim animals flip flops ($26 at Shopbop -

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