Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bracelet Nation, Part 1

Cuff bracelets are so empowering. I believe it is because so many powerful fictitious and historical women, such as Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Coco Chanel and many more are associated with this striking piece of jewelry. A cuff bracelet elevates the most simplistic outfit and is such an easy toss on item if you are in a hurry and need a finishing touch for your ensemble.

The variety of metals and natural fibers, such as copper, silver, gold, leather and wood, used to make cuff bracelets is a testament of the historical nature of this piece of jewelry.  Women of Greek-Roman, Egyptian, Native American and many more cultural and ethnic backgrounds often historically adorned themselves with a cuff bracelet. It is compelling that one piece of jewelry remains an enduring favorite centuries later.

I am currently very smitten with the cuff bracelet because it is such a versatile piece of jewelry. It is a powerful statement piece whether worn solo on the wrist or surrounded by multiple thin-band bangles and a watch which is the current trend.

The bracelets below are at the top of my list due to their striking yet elegant vibe. Both are a perfect match for a minimalist, streamlined outfit such as a sheath or shirtdress worn with a pair of pumps.

cc skye Turnlock Cage bracelet
$175, shopbop,

Juicy Couture B Wild Haircalf cuff bracelet, $88,
 revolve clothing,

Cuff bracelets enhance the following garments and outfits:

  • A t-shirt and skinny jeans
  • A sleeveless sheath dress 
  • A maxi-dress

Remember to keep the rest of the jewelry worn with your outfit to a minimum. Cuff bracelets are best paired with either earrings or a necklace; not both. I personally prefer not to wear other jewelry with a cuff bracelet. This type of bracelet can overshadow other types of jewelry.

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