Tuesday, April 3, 2012

21st Century Neon

Neon colors have made an impressive return to the forefront of fashion. I have no doubt this trend will make a seamless transition from spring to summer. Neon colors were enthusiastically celebrated in the 1980s and became so popular that neon became overexposed. The prevalence of neon colors in everything from clothing to footwear quickly became the norm. During the1980s neon colors were excessively incorporated into an outfit. It was not unusual for entire outfits to be comprised almost entirely of garments and accessories in neon colors. Designers also paired neon with black quite often in their collections. I believe the 21st century return of neon will be more gratifying as compared to the widespread incorporation of neon colors in the 1980s due to the sophisticated pairing of neons with pastels and classic prints.

Neon colors are entrancing when paired with a paler color within the same color spectrum.  A neon pink blouse, for example, complements a pastel pink skirt. Neon colored-garments are also appealing when paired with animal prints. A neon orange blouse paired with a leopard print skirt is another example of a vibrant match. Betsey Johnson, designer extraordinaire, has been aware of the exhilarating pairing of neons and animal prints for years. It is her trademark.

Patterson J. Kincaid tie-neck blouse -$118 -
If you can not fathom the idea of wearing a neon-colored garment but want to  incorporate neon colors into your wardrobe there are many options available to you:

Betsey Johnson platform - $79.99 -
  • Shoes in a neon-color can give a mono-chromatic outfit  a touch of flair.
  • A neon-colored handbag will also have the same effect.

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