Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bracelet Nation, Part 2

Wrap bracelets are striking in their appearance and yet can readily be worn with other jewelry unlike cuff bracelets that tend to dominate other jewelry being worn by an individual. Because they caress the wrist or arm depending upon their craftsmanship there is almost a sensuous quality to them that can not be used to describe other types of bracelets. Wrap bracelets, similar to cuff bracelets, are commonly made from leather or metals; however, it is not uncommon for wrap bracelets to incorporate beads and threads.

It is fascinating how much the bearing or representation of animal figures is incorporated into wrap bracelets; particularly, reptiles such as snakes. A mundane piece of cloth or metal can readily be transformed when wrapped or molded into the shape of a snake, lizard or alligator. It is almost like animal representations are the yin to the wrap bracelet's yang. Most individuals take great effort to avoid being in the same space as a snake other than when they are in the herpetarium at the zoo but relish having the embodiment of a snake wrapped around their wrist and lower arm. It is also not uncommon for material or metals used to create bracelets to be wrapped in the winding shape of a reptile yet incorporate the head of a lion or a tiger. The shape or visage of fierce and forbidden creatures are so closely associated with wrap bracelets that this type of bracelet has become a vital piece of jewelry to wear when going to what is likely to be an evening event.

Cuff bracelets embody strength while wrap bracelets embody a thrilling vitality. I believe every women whom loves jewelry should incorporate both into her wardrobe. It is relatively effortless to determine which type of bracelet to pair with an outfit upon consideration of your mood, the type of venue to which you are going and your outfit. If I wake up and feel I need a sense of strength I always reach for a cuff bracelet; however, if I feel strongly vibrant I reach for the wrap bracelet.

Wrap bracelets match very well with other jewelery and the following:

  • Sleeveless or strapless tops and dresses.
  • An a-line or flared skirt
  • Trendy evening shorts made of lace , silk or other soft material

Luxury wrap bracelets, such as those from Isharya, can be found at pret-a-beaute. Budget-friendly wrap bracelets are available at pierced fish.

Isharya coral serpent wraparound cuff (

double wrap weaved strip bracelet (

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