Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Hoot!

The proliferation of owls on everything from jewelry to household items is charming yet rather unexpected. Owls were revered in ancient Athens and were widely printed on the back of coins. As a consequence, the Athenians believed the owl to be a sacred creature. Owls certainly have an almost regal bearing that aligns with the notion that they were once more esteemed.

Owls are generally thought of as a rather sinister species of fowl based on their physical appearance but due to their current popularity they are perceived as rather cute. Will their cuteness last long after another creature rises in popularity amongst fashion industry insiders? Probably not for most of the masses; however, the fashion industry has made me rethink my previous opinion that this creature had a cute factor of zero. I suspect the fashion insiders will soon decide which animal whether fish, fowl or reptile will supplant the owl in popularity; however, I will certainly keep in my possession two of my recent purchases that honor this creature.

I was initially drawn into the owl craze during my sighting of a cocktail ring that seems to enhance upon the rather noticeable large eyes of an owl. Rather than focus on the features of an owl that are almost fearsome such as their expansive wings, claws and nose designers have softened this creature by emphasizing the attractiveness of their eyes and the sleekness of their feathers.
Ring from Burlington Coat Factory (

Brooch from Stein Mart (
I acknowledge that I have recently become a avid admirer of this creature. My fascination was further prompted by my sighting of a brooch which is in the replica of an owl. The replication of the owl on the brooch was interesting but not compelling enough to add to my possession. What truly prompted me to make the purchase was the felt material the designer used to make the brooch. It is intriguing that the designer decided to use such a soft material to manifest an owl which is often thought of as a mysterious rather fearsome creature.

The referenced ring and brooch were below $10.00 in price. Trendy garments or accessories are best purchased from discount retailers.

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