Monday, January 2, 2012

Warm Up with Pastels

2011 will be remembered as the year that designers introduced pastels into their fall and winter clothing and accessories collections. Dismissed were the days of storing away that favorite pink skirt or lavender dress for the fall and winter or moving out of constant rotation that favorite peach handbag until spring.

It is divine that so many designers decided 2011 would be the year that the rules about relegating colors such as pink, peach and mint to storage during the cold-weather season would be broken. It is almost as if the designers collectively decided they would opt for making clothing and accessories in lighter palettes to counter the current global economic conditions or the effects of seasonal affective disorder many experience upon the arrival of fall and winter.

I was almost giddy when I first noticed the trend. No longer did the masses have to bow to long-standing etiquette about which colors were most appropriate for fall and winter. The opportunity to incorporate pastels into fall and winter ensembles was liberating. Below are colors that complement pastel articles of clothing and accessories:

  • Camel
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Navy

If you want to try this trend, but are somewhat doubtful, start with layering. A gray vest or blazer, for example, worn over a blush-colored blouse and skirt is the type of traditional outfit that would enable you to effectively try this trend or a chocolate faux-fur vest worn over a peach top and a camel skirt is also an attractive pairing. If you are a mono-chromatic dresser you can pair a pastel-colored handbag with a brown or gray outfit. There are limitless possibilities!

My Favorite Pairings: Yellow with Gray or Navy; Brown with Peach or Pink

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