Sunday, January 8, 2012

Punked by a Stud!

Studs have become a type of mainstream embellishment in fashion thanks to Vivienne Westwood's association with Malcolm McLaren's, former manager of the Sex Pistols, clothing store in London during the 1970s. McLaren's fascination with punk rockers, The Dolls, whom he met in 1973 launched today's current love for all things stud-embellished. He was so fascinated with The Dolls fashion sense that he redesigned his store to feature punk rock clothing and partnered with Vivienne Westwood to legitimize punk rock as a  legitimate fashion style. This style also remained popular during the 1980s when heavy metal rockers wore studs on leather jackets and wristbands. Studs were also regularly seen on the garments of goth-rockers and their teenage and young adult fans well into the 1980s. Studs re-emerged as a popular type of embellishment in the 21st century as a result of designers renewed fascination with them.

They are regularly used to embellish classic articles of clothing and accessories from t-shirts to jeans to hobo bags and platforms. Traditional feminine garb such as pencil skirts or wrap-dresses are enhanced when paired with stud-embellished pumps. Suddenly a monochromatic skirt or dress becomes more edgy and aesthetically interesting because of being paired with the perceived toughness of a studded handbag or shoes. There is almost a rebellious delight in pairing a studded hobo bag with a sweater dress, for example. There is a juxtaposition between the toughness of studded bag and the soft material of a sweater dress that is rather appealing.

It is very fitting that a style of embellishment made popular by punk rockers and metal heads has become a mainstream phenomenon. Musicians have influenced fashion for decades and will likely continue to do so well into the future. Popular artists are frequently trend-setters as a result of admiring fans whom wish to emulate their favorite icons.

Because of their striking appearance the incorporation of studs into an outfit should be kept to a minimum. They can easily overwhelm the wearer by becoming the main focus of an ensemble. Refrain, for example, from wearing a stud-embellished top with stud-embellished shoes or a handbag.

A Stud-Embellished Garment is Best Paired with Classic Feminine Garments Such as:

  • Pencil or A-Line Skirts
  • Wrap or Shirt Dresses
  • Straight or Skinny Leg Jeans with Plain Pockets
  • Blouses or Tops with Tie-Necks or Ruffles 

Don't pair stud-embellished accessories with stud-embellished article of clothing. 

It might seem as if you are trying too hard!