Sunday, December 4, 2011

What Whimsy!

Two of my favorite budget-friendly handbag and shoe lines are Nicole Lee and Poetic License. Both have the ability to pair colors that at first glance would seem to be incompatible. Their creations are easily recognizable due to their whimsical quality.

Nicole Lee ( is able to take reliable handbag styles such as a satchel bag or hobo bag and transform them into fun wardrobe pieces by using a common material such as staples to stitch an eye-catching design into a bag. Yes, I have such a handbag and it has become a favorite. In addition, her ability to select colors that are not commonly paired reflects how visionary she truly is with her designs. It is obvious that she truly designs for a woman whom is unafraid to wear the unexpected.

Poetic License ( has the ability to transform a classic shoe style such as a pump into a vamp it-up statement piece by pairing two or more bright colors. The pairing of multiple bright colors on clothing or accessories is generally not the norm. Many of us know the fashion rule about wearing only one accent color at a time. This line is for the stylish woman whom loves to make a statement with what she chooses to wear. The first time I saw Poetic License shoes I could not decide initially if I liked the shoes or if they were truly just bazaar. The more I pondered the more I decided that this line truly understands the need to make fashion fun for a woman. I have come to appreciate that the designer is truly a trend-setter.

Nicole Lee and Poetic License deserve accolades for daring to transform an ordinary accessory into the extraordinary by deciding to challenge the traditional opinions of color-pairings. While the pairing of black and red can be beautiful why not pair red and orange? Who says fashion can't be whimsical especially when it is so affordable.

My recommendation is to pair a Nicole Lee handbag or a pair of Poetic License shoes that contain multiple accent colors with a monochromatic ensemble.  The bag or shoes are intended to highlight an outfit not subtract from it.

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