Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Boots I Hate to Love

Photo Courtesy of The Style File

I hate to love over-the-knee boots but they are a strong mix of cozy and glamorous with a dash of toughness thrown in for good measure. The problem, you see, is that finding over-the-knee boots that didn’t completely consume the entirety of my lower body was quite a challenge. The wrong length made my stature seem even smaller than it truly is. When you are short like I am this is a major problem. Over-the-knee boots are widely believed to be flattering because they make the legs look longer and thinner; however, when you are short it is impractical to wear a boot the length of which is more than half of your height. There is a certain level of discomfort associated with it. I know I am not alone in my perception based on the numerous fashion experts that reference this conundrum.

I wish there were over-the-knee-boots that could somehow be converted into the perfect leg length for petite frames. Can someone please invent a pair? Handbag designers have created a multitude of shoulder bags that easily convert into clutch bags so why can’t shoe designers invent over-the-knee boots that have the same magical quality? Boots that scrunch don’t fit the bill because they can look even more ridiculous on the height-challenged. Based on several boot fittings, self-reflection, patience and the discovery of several styling tricks, I have determined that over-the-knee boots can be flattering to the height-challenged. This has certainly made it easier to quickly identify thigh-high boots that meet the necessary style specifications.

It is widely acknowledged that most designers create trendy garments for women whom are of above-average height and slimmer in figure than the average woman. This same philosophy applies to over-the-knee boots; however, the phrase, “If you can’t be them, join them”, could not be more apropos. I am proud that I refused to be left out of the fashion craze due to my short stature. Over-the-knee boots, after all, have been on the fall trend list for the past few years. They are also the most hyped boot type of the season; therefore, there was no way I was going to be dissuaded from adding them to my wardrobe.

Thigh-high boots have even triumphed over booties this season in the popularity contest. for two reasons: Derek Lam and Phillip Lim. Mr. Lam created a fashion uproar with his creation of one of the arguably most elegant thigh-high boots seen in many years with the premiere of his 10 Crosby Loden boot. Mr. Lim, his equally stellar peer, was equal to the thigh-high boots’ challenge with his debut of the Ora boot for his 3.1 Phillip Lim line. Both boots are super popular amongst the affluent crowd. I only wish I could afford to own a pair from either designer.
Derek Lam 10 Crosby Loden Boot,

3.1 Phillip Lim Ora Runway Buckle-Back Boots,

I will be posting, within the next two days, a list of my over-the-knee boot styling tips and a list of budget-friendly over-the knee boots similar in style to those by Derek Lam and Phillip Lim.

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  7. Love them.

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  9. Hehehe I Know what you mean! I have similar problem! Thats why when my sister toldme that I should get a pair I'm like NO thanks! :P
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  10. Same happened to me a lot of times! Xx

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