Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Diary of a Fashion Apps Junkie

Photo Courtesy of Refinery 29

Do you have a constant need to know which boutique has that sweater or bag on your wish list at the lowest price? There are apps for that. Are you interested in viewing as many runway-show preparations, as possible, during Fashion Weeks? There are apps for that too. If this describes you then it is possible you are a fashion app junkie. You are not alone. I recognize the signs because I was a fashion apps’ junkie too. Be grateful if this does not describe you. Keeping track of the daily activities on the fashion apps installed on my mobile devices was exhausting. I came to the realization that as much as I love fashion it was best to limit the number of apps I referenced on a daily basis.

I love that fashion apps keep me abreast of the latest fashion news, the best sample sales and that they give me instant access to astounding runway footage but there is just so much information I can absorb in a day. My solution was to determine which fashion apps are the best fit for me based on my fashion priorities. I concluded, after much consideration that I only needed instant access to a couple of fashion publication apps, a few shopping apps and one or two fashion community apps.

I read consumer reviews for a variety of fashion apps that met my guidelines and finally whittled the list down to quality apps that met my priorities. My resolve resulted in a more manageable compilation of apps than I previously possessed and the retention of my sanity.

I initially missed the rush I previously felt as a result of checking a larger number of fashion apps throughout the day; however, after a few weeks I had adjusted to my new routine. Ironically, I peruse my roster of fashion publication apps to keep myself apprised of the latest and greatest sample sale apps. I am also a fan of multiple blogs that include features on fashion technology. I, periodically, revise my rotation of fashion apps based on blogger reviews of the newest apps.

Below, and in no particular order, are several favorite fashion sites with apps that I composed a few days ago. I have now compiled the list in its entirety. I invite you to please add your own favorites to my Listly list by clicking on the fashion apps link. I am always looking to explore new sites and others, including myself, could benefit from your personal experience with additional sites.

  1. Rue La La
  2. My Habit
  3. Haute Look
  4. Gilt Groupe
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