Monday, October 5, 2015

The Suede Transition

Burberry Prorsum AW15 RTW
It is kind of ridiculous to refer to suede as a fall trend since it has always been routinely worn during fall and winter so I won’t do that. I will simply state that is has always been one of my favorite fabrics. It is a fabric with many great qualities. It is luxurious, soft, sumptuous, timeless and sexy. Like its counterpart, leather, I always look forward to wearing it and would be quite sad if it were not part of my wardrobe. That's why my leather jackets and suede coats share the same wardrobe space. I routinely trade one for the other depending on my mood.
Vanessa Seward AW15

This season many fashionable have caught the suede fever. It could be that everything 70s is so on-trend right now and suede was certainly one of the most popular of fabrics during that decade; however, it is a bit more than that. After all, just like leather suede has become one of those transitional fabrics that stays around long after the winter chill is gone.
Chanel SS15 RTW

Chloe SS15 RTW
One just had to look around to see that this fabric adorned everything this summer from fringe vests to suede cross-body bags. I could not be happier that so many have decided not to leave suede behind one the sunshine of spring comes around. It deserves to be whenever and wherever one wants to wear it, in my opinion.
Gucci 15; Source
Gucci 15

Anthony Vaccarello AW15

Ohne Titel AW15

I have already decided that I want to invest in a pair of new boots for fall but I can’t quite seem to decide between whether I want them to be leather or suede. It should be a rather simple choice since leather is really easier to take care of and it is my all-time favorite fabric but I have been having a tug-of-war in my mind because as much as I love leather suede is certainly a close second when it comes to what I am craving this season.
I really don’t need a suede pair of boots. I already have a couple of pairs already but as you must know by now I have lost the battle with myself. Besides, I strongly believe in the value factor. Invest in a quality pair of suede boots, take care of them properly and they will can remain with you forever.
Just Cavalli AW15

Ralph Lauren AW15
The dizzying array of boots I have seen here and there lately certainly won’t make my job easy but dozens of choices can be quite a good thing when it comes to fashion. Not only have suede boots been on my mind but, of course, a suede skirt would make such a lovely companion to the other items I already have in my wardrobe.

I may be transitioning to boots for fall and winter but suede footwear adorned my feet throughout the summer in the form of suede open-toed heels and booties so regardless of whether suede remains hot or not I won’t ever lose my love of the fabric. Suede is way to divine to ever lose its popularity with me.

Now that you have read about why I love suede let me hear from you. What do you think? Is suede all that or is it over rated?

Below are a couple of tips on how to take care of your suede garments:

Liquid spills can be soaked up with a bit of talcum powder. Lightly pat the spill with a clean cloth, sprinkle the stain with talcum powder, let it set and brush.

Dirt can be removed from suede with an eraser, a clean toothbrush or terry towel.

Nothing, of course, is better than protecting your suede by applying a stain repellant.

I look forward to hearing from you my dear friends.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Cheerfulness of Pom Poms

Folklore AW15

Pom poms are on everything these days from shoes to handbags to tops they are being used as the cheeriest trim that has come along in quite a while. It is about time another captivating trim came along to stand on par with fringe for this season’s swingiest embellishment. I will never get over fringe and I even get giddy just thinking about. That is one of the reasons I have never blogged about it. Not only am I obsessed with fringe but to let loose my emotions about it might possibly turn out to be too over-the-top.

Fendi SS15 Collection

Fendi Resort16
Sophia Webster Heels

Gucci; Source
Brian Atwood Suede Pumps; Source

I will, instead, champion pomp poms. I don’t get as giddy about them but they sure do make me smile. Quite a lot, in fact. Something about pomp poms make me quite gleeful. I am not sure about the reason that propels this gleefulness I feel but it is must be catching on like fire because they have invaded the fashion world.

Celine Resort15 Collection

Tse AW15 RTW

Tse AW15 RTW

Ports 1961 AW15 RTW

Topshop; Source
Pom poms were used like tassels are now to embellish everything from pillows to clothing in the 1960s so just like so many other types of trims it should be no surprise that they are having their moment, again. They are also really cute, in my opinion.
Below  are some glimpses of streetstyle looks featuring pom poms. I will let you be the judge of whether they are charming or not.

From Milan15 FW



From the Louis Vuitton 2015 Collection

I never in a million years, as the old saying goes, would have thought that I would now be singing the praises of pom poms as a fashion item. When I was in high school pom poms were mostly associated with the girls that cheered on the football team. We referred to them as pom pon girls because of the plastic handled pom poms they used to shake during their rally cries which were comprised of rhymes they created to cheer on the high school sport teams. Even now I think of pomp poms as sort of an instrument high girls carried to accompany their rhymes. When they shook them at the same time they made a sound that I found to be somewhat of a very pleasant but otherwise indescribable sound.

You may have noticed by now that I keep using pom poms and pom pons interchangeably. There is a reason for that which you may already know but, if not, if you are still reading you will soon discover below.

Let me share a few interesting facts about pom poms (or pom pons) as a cheerleading accessory:

Pomp poms carried by cheerleaders in the 1930s and 1940s were commonly made of crepe or tissue which was not always practical because the weather was not always dry during games. As you can imagine, the pom poms would quickly self-destruct if it rained or snowed during outside sporting events.

Lawrence Herkimer, whom manufactured pom poms in 1953 when he founded his cheerleading supply company, created a handle for pom poms and also changed the name of the cheerleading accessory to pom pon when he learned that pom pom had a negative connotation in Hawaii.

Fred Gastoff, in 1965, began making pom pons of vinyl or plastic streamers to resists the weather.

Now, please stay with me, as I share the facts about pom poms as a trimming for fashion items.

Materials such as cotton, wool and even feathers can be used to create pom poms.

Other names for pom poms that are used to trim clothing are toories or bobbles. Who knew?

The word pom pom is derived from the French word pompons. This was another surprising fact for me but it makes perfect sense! The word just rolls off the tongue. I studied the French language for years and also French history. How could I not have known this? Forgive me my friends from Frances as well as my friends who may not be from France but have such a great appreciation of the language and culture.

I had best say goodbye for now as I don’t want to become a bore.

Please let me know what you think about the rising star of pom poms in the fashion world. Are they too cute for words or do you just want them to go away?
Aigner AW15 RTW

Shiatzy Chen AW15

I hope you are all doing well my friends. Thank you for your continued support and kindness. My blog has grown so much, because of you, since I started it .

Thank you so much for letting me share my love of fashion with you.

Note: Images, unless other noted, are credited to Pinterest.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Jeanious Fit

Rodarte SS15
Are you saying goodbye to skinny jeans? I have read so many opinions in a variety of online fashion newsletters that shall remain nameless that I began to wonder if it was really true that the skinny jean is out. Fashion experts opinions have ranged from the health risk that skinny jeans cause to the fact that the silhouette of the skinny jean is so passé. I have such a strong opinion about skinny jeans that I simply had to write about it. I am going to defend the skinny jean because it is my favorite type of jean. Skinny jeans are not the perfect match for one and all but they are for me. Besides, there are so many signs that they are alive and thriving. Women have been seen all over the world wearing them. Take a look at the models below wearing skinny jeans. See. I told you they aren't passé.
Paris SS15 Fashion Week

My reasons range from how great they look with everything from heels to flats to the most important one of all: My figure is well-suited to the skinny jean silhouette. I love the fact that I can roll them up at the ankle if they are too long or if I want to show off a great pair of heels. I love how they taper at the ankle and I love that they have natural sex appeal.

While many may have said bon voyage to the skinny jean I will remain an advocate of them. I feel strongly that regardless of what jeans style may be in or out it reflects well on you to pick the best silhouette that suits your figure and personal preferences.

The health risks that they have, in my opinion, are rooted in wearing skinny jeans that are too tight for one’s figure. I love a great pair of skinny jeans but won’t end up as an unhealthy statistic because of them. That is the reason I bend and stride and stroll and sit down and gaze at myself in a full-length mirror before I commit to a pair. If they seem too tight when you are in the fitting room or when you order them online and try them on at home back away from them quickly. That just means they are not fit for you. Like the ladies below, find the right fit, and you may just fall in love with skinny jeans.
Not all skinny jeans are made alike. Make sure there is sufficient stretch material in them to make them feel comfortable on you. You can find a skinny jeans that fits you like a second skin but leaves room to breathe. This is one reason why I was quite surprised to start reading such vehement reasons about the reason the skinny jean is yesterday’s news. Those who were once such strong proponents of my favorite type of jeans suddenly quickly shunned them.

I can certainly understand why flare-leg jeans are so popular now.  70s fashion is just in right now and in a big way. Besides, flare-leg jeans look great on those of a certain height and weight. I won’t get into the details because you have read it so many times before I am sure.

Skinny jeans have a history of glamour and I like it! They were worn by many of the 1950s film stars I love so much. If you read my blog you probably know who they are; however, they were and still are worn by the opposite gender, as well. Musicians and film stars alike have been charmed by the fit of skinny jeans.
Rolling Stones  (my favorite iconic rock band); Credit

The Ramones in 1976; Credit

Let me just conclude by stating that skinny jeans fit me like a pair of worn leather gloves or like my oldest black leather jacket. I have found the denim style that works for me and I am sticking with them.
What is your favorite jeans style? I look forward to your comment so don't be shy.
Thanks for reading my blog. I treasure your visits.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dust Those Shoulders Off

Blumarine PF15


Jenny Packham SS15
Ralph Lauren SS15

Elie Saab Couture 2015

Elie Saab Couture 2015

Balenciaga F15

Christian Siriano F15

Colcci SS15

Zac Posen SS15
Tibi SS15
Baring the shoulders has swiftly become a style phenomenon for those experiencing warm summer days or even just the warmer days from beachside at a tropical locale. Baring the shoulders, like exposing the back is a wonderfully feminine way of featuring one part of the body without baring too much. Besides, there is something so charismatic about a woman in a shoulder-baring top. If you are not enthralled with the back-out clothing styles that are so prevalent I hope you can agree that baring the shoulders is captivating and just a bit sexy. It may not be as sexy as a cut-out back top or dress but that is not what lies in its appeal anyway; at least not for me.

I still remember watching my favorite films starts in the late 1940s and 1950s wearing the shoulder-baring tops and dresses that were a tad daring yet boldly feminine. I equate film noir actresses such as Rita Hayworth with making me sit-up and pay attention to this fashion style. She gave off an air of allure while singing and sometimes dancing while wearing off-the-shoulder outfits in the many roles she inhabited. Of course, she was far from the only beauty icon that adorned herself in shoulder-baring outfits.


There were many more celebrities whom were fond of baring their shoulders. Among them are Dorothy Dandridge, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Off-the-shoulders dresses equated to a common elegance not just for the 1950s bit for today.
Perfect for both cocktails, formal dinners, weddings and many more celebratory events shoulder-baring apparel is not likely to dissipate anytime soon.

Inbal Dior 2015 Collection

Pronovias 2015 Collection
Sareh Nouri Collection

Rosa Clara 2016 Collection

Shoulder-baring tops and dresses look superb with a strand of pearls and elbow-length gloves for formal events or paired with casual attire and accessories.  Off-the shoulder dresses and tops are rather a chic way to look cool when it’s hot. 


Tibi 2015
If you don’t have a shoulder-baring top it is quite effortless to turn a cowl neck top into one.  A little adjustments here and there will have you joining the off-the-shoulder crowd in no time at all. I have turned my cowl-neck tops into shoulder-baring tops quicker than you can say no way. I have been so inspired by the many ways even a button-down shirt can be turned into an off-the-shoulder shirt. Over-sized sweaters also lend themselves to this neat trick. There are many quick-change artists out there. Isn’t that what makes fashion so grand?

Off-the-shoulder tops, by the way, look charming with the 1970s pants’ styles that are all the rage right now. Both flare-leg and wide-leg pants alike look out of this world with off-the shoulder tops; however, if you are not a fan of these pant leg styles try pairing them with a structured pencil skirt or skinny jeans. They also create quite an impactful look.


Do you like to bare your shoulders? As stated by the great Jay-Z, come on and dust those shoulders off. I look forwarding to your sharing your thoughts with me about off-the-shoulder looks.


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