Sunday, March 7, 2010

Red Carpet Style at the Academy Awards

My Best Dressed List of the Ladies at the Oscars includes the following starlets:

  • Amanda Seyfried
  • Rachel McAdams

Amanda Seyfried looked elegant and refined in her dress. She wore just the appropriate accessories as well. The bodice of the dress was intriguing in how it curved around her shoulders and the dress was perfectly draped. Her dress is fresh, modern and simplistic at the same time. In addition, her stylist understood to keep the accessories to a minimum because the dress did not genuinely need any further adornment. It is perfection.

Rachel McAdams dress was also absolutely stunning. She stood out from the other ladies because of the unexpected blend of the complimentary colors in her dress but the dress also enhanced her figure. She looked sublime. In addition, she understood the necessity of wearing simple accessories that would balance well with the multiple colors in her dress.

My Worst Dressed List includes the following two ladies:

  • Sandra Bullock
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Elizabeth Banks

I will first start out by stating that I love Sandra Bullock. However, I was not enthused by the dress she wore to the Academy Awards show. The dress is not camera friendly. The sheen of the dress was overpowering and the bodice is similar to the bodice of an outfit that would be worn by a figure skater or dancer on Dancing with the Stars.

I must state that while the Red Carpet commentators on E raved about J. Lo's dress in my opinion the train was too bulky on the side of her dress and over accentuated her hips which are generally considered one of her best body features. The train should have been streamlined in a manner to cause the train to curve gently around the side of her hips rather than to billow. Had it not been for the bulky train I would have also considered her to be one of the best dressed ladies at the awards show.

Elizabeth Banks dress was too drab for the Oscars because of its color. The dress draped beautifully on her and the frills on the dress were pleasing; however, the color was too muted. This dress would have been more beautiful on her if it was of a pastel color or a jewel tone.

Risk Takers:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Charlize Theron
Zoe Saldana

The color of Sarah Jessica Parker's dress was beautiful and the metallic at the bodice and the back of her dress was pleasantly unexpected; however, I did not like the manner in which the material of the dress broke up her collarbone nor did I care for how the dress draped on her. It does not appear that she went to her final fitting. She has a lovely figure but the dress did not fit her well at all.

The color palette of Charlize Theron's dress was beautiful but I did not like the decolletage of the dress because it appeared she was wearing pasties over both breasts. However, Charlize is so beautiful that regardless of what she is wearing she always manages to look elegant. There are not too many ladies who can dress in an unattractive outfit but still manage to look gorgeous. I do think, however, that this is the type of dress you either love or hate so I will look forward to finding out the opinions of others about the dress.

The dress worn by Zoe Saldana whom usually dresses in an impeccable style disappointed me. The frills at the bottom of her dress did not balance well with the minimalist style of the top of her dress. However, she took a fashion risk with this dress so I must applaud her. The colors in the dress were a unique blend of pastel at the top and jewel-like tones at the bottom.

Curvaceous Ladies:

  • Queen Latifah
  • Mariah Carey

Queen Latifah's dress complimented her curvaceous figure. The trim on the dress which began at the bodice and seamlessly wrapped around her waist really balanced her figure well by placing so much emphasis on her waist.

Mariah Carey broke a dress rule by wearing a dress with a long split and with a low cut bodice. Mariah needs to be directed towards less revealing clothing. Ladies with curvaceous figures should select dresses that enhance one of their assets. If you are curvaceous at the top it is best to select a bodice with a higher neckline so that your breasts are enhanced not revealed. Mariah not only bared too much decolletage she also bared a lot of her leg. I keep hoping that she will begin to dress more appropriately but she continues to dissapoint.

I look forward to seeing whom is on the Oscars best and worst dressed list. I will follow up after I find out what the fashion experts think.

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